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The Michigan Primary (And around and around we go!)

OK, so today Florida voted to move its primary up to Jan. 29.  What does that mean for Michigan?  Well, MDP Chairman Mark Brewer has been quoted as saying:

“I have consulted with Michigan Democratic leaders and the consensus is that the MDP will hold its Caucus on Saturday, February 9, 2008 provided all other states abide by the DNC scheduling rules,” Brewer said. “There is also a consensus among our leaders that if any state schedules its caucus or primary in violation of the DNC’s rules, Michigan will move its Caucus to an earlier date. That earlier date may be on or before the date of the offending state’s caucus or primary.”

 ~March 1st 2007

Is he going to stand by his words? Only time will tell.

What about the Republicans?

Well according to this article, last month “Michigan Republicans….voted-to hold their presidential primary next Feb. 5, but agreed they would move up the date if Michigan Democrats go earlier.”

The main reason for the move according to MIGOP Chairman Saul Anuzis is to hold a primary on the same day and the Democratic party.

To make matter worse, the MDP is asking that municiplaties have their primary locations to them by June 1st.  There is only one problem with that…no one knows what date to reserve the sites for.

From my best guess, if MDP Chairman Mar Brewer hold true to his word, it looks like a joint primary or caucus on Jan. 29 for Michigan.



There have been some reports that moving up might not matter as much because states will be penalized by loosing delegates.  There has also been some reports that certain candidates will not participate in states that buck party rules. (Edwards)

Well, I have a couple thoughts on that.

1st – Florida and Michigan are both large states …if they are both penalized the combination of there two delegates will still be more the enough to entice candidates.

2nd – And this goes without saying, winning them will generate momentum for candidates going into Super Tuesday no matter what anyone tells you.  Candidates will not be able to pass that up…plain and simple.


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New Michigan Poll

A new strategic vision poll has been released with some new 08′ numbers for the mighty mitten.

Click on the graph below for a nice breakdown of the Republican race from Michigan Cooler.

Here are the Dems numbers:

Hillary Clinton 29%
Barack Obama 24%
John Edwards 22%
Joseph Biden 3%
Bill Richardson 3%
Christopher Dodd 1%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Undecided 17%

 Granholm numbers:

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Jennifer Granholm’s job performance?
Approve 44%
Disapprove 41% 
                                                                                                      Undecided 15%

I also found this to be a very interesting poll question and I am still trying to figure out how the current crop of GOP Prez contenders numbers fit in with these responses.

 11. How important is it for the Republican presidential candidate to be a conservative Republican in the mode of Ronald Reagan?

Very Important 39%
Somewhat Important 19%
Not Very Important 9%
Not Important 15%
Undecided 18%




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Michigan GOP votes to move primary date up


“Michigan Republicans voted Saturday to hold their presidential primary next Feb. 5, but agreed they’d move up the date if Michigan Democrats go earlier.

“Our goal is to go Feb. 5, but I have the option to go earlier, if needed,” Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis said after a state central committee meeting he says grew heated at times.”

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Romney losing ground in Michigan…

It appears that there is a growing trend of Mitt Romney’s
Michigan supporters who are questioning their support of the former Governor.

In an article from today’s Grand Rapids Press notable names like State Rep. Dave Agema and former State Rep. William VanRegenmorter are mentioned as possible defectors from Team Romney.

According to VanRegenmorter:

“I think I want to back up to a position of neutrality and weight some of the information that wasn’t very public then.”

Rep. Agema also notes that:

“I’m on the fence right now…”

Since the announcement of his campaign for the White House Governor Romney has been plagued by accusations of a shaky record on key conservative issues.

Eye on 08′ points out –

“He also struggles to keep his story straight on issues like abortion, gay-rights, taxes, guns, embryonic stem-cell research, Ronald Reagan, the Contract with America, immigration, and campaign finance reform.”

Unfortunately this is not the first time that Romney has had to deal with wavering support from some of his
Michigan backers.

Rep. Judy Emmons, who pulled her support for Governor Romney on the same day as his official announcement in
Dearborn said that:

“I should have done my homework first, for me, the bottom line is your record and where you’ve stood and what you’ve stood up for and what you’ve capitulated on.”

News of this nature must be very disconcerting for Team Romney as they no doubt must have thought that their impressive fundraising showing would jump start their campaign, which has never really managed to take off as far as poll numbers are concerned.  (Romney continues to trail fellow Republicans Rudy Giuliani and John McCain in most polls.)

Instead of touting their financial prowess the campaign was forced to deal with the publicity disaster surrounding Governor Romney’s ongoing hunting saga and now the loss of supporters in Michigan, which is shaping up to be a critical primary battle, and somewhat of a must win for Governor Romney considering the name recognition and family connections that he has in the state.

Michigan Cooler says of today’s Romney story:

“…this strikes at the heart of the Romney campaign and could send shockwaves across the state and across the country creating a domino effect of the loss of support.”

Hopefully the Governor will be able to button up his message in the near future to convince his supporters that he is the kind of candidate that he claims to be, or unfortunately, headlines like the one in this mornings Grand Rapid Free Press might haunt the rest of his campaign.

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Some interesting thoughts on that whole Rakolta Nazi ad debacle

 I received the following in an anonymous email…none-the-less I thought it was somewhat interesting….

“Last month the DNC put out a press release criticizing Michigan resident and Co-Chair of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s national finance committee for a donation that he made to the PAC Voice the Vote. 

Apparently the PAC was responsible for an attack that criticized Democrats (specifically Governor Jennifer Granholm) and compared them to Adolph Hilter.Click to close, click and drag to move. Use arrow keys for next and previous.


According to the MSNBC“The Democratic National Committee…took issue with Rakolta’s role in the presidential campaign and called on Romney to disavow attack ads. 

Rakolta denied any knowledge of the ad and basically said, “All the Democrats are trying to do is embarrass Mitt Romney.”  He asserted that, “I’m not going to let one or two people, or the Democratic National Committee stop me from fundraising for Mitt Romney.” 

In an article from the Free Press on the subject “Nataki Harbin, Voice the Vote’s treasurer, reiterated previous denials by her and her stepfather, Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo, that the ad was put together in collaboration with the DeVos campaign or the Michigan Republican Party,” and I assume this means any of the donors to the PAC. 

According to the MSNBC article “The DNC said Rakolta’s position on Romney’s finance committee raises questions about the type of presidential campaign the Republican candidate plans on running.” 

It seems to be very clear from all this that there is nothing to be made of Rakolta’s involvement with the ad considering the treasurer of the organization from which the ad was made claimed that there was no collaboration from any outside parties as to the content of the ad. 

However as most of us know, stories like this seem to have a mind of their own. 

Just as the whole story seemed to be picking up steam, and just when the Romney camp was starting to take some serious heat on the issue (which is exactly what the DNC must have intended on) a dagger was delivered to any momentum the DNC had generated in their attempt to tie the ad to a major member of the Romney campaign. 

This dagger came in the form of a document that was released from Adolph Mongo stating that “the add titled ‘Sometimes a Handshake and an Acknowledgement make a difference,’ is a personal advocacy add that was paid for by for by a personal credit that was owed to me from a previous transaction with the Michigan Chronicle.  It was not paid for by funds from Voice the Vote.” 

This documented, which is dated July 10, 2006, was apparently being circulated as proof that Rakolta did not have any involvement with the ad.  According to Jonathon Martin’s blog from over at the Politico, where there is a copy of the letter: 

“Assuming the guy is telling the truth and not just covering his donors and the party, John Rakolta, the Romney finance co-chair, never actually saw his money spent on an ad that compared Dems to Hitler or something.Lesson to major political givers:

Know who you’re donating your cash to.” 

So that should settle it, right…assuming this guy is telling the truth. 

Well, some minimal research might raise some question to the version of the story that Mr. Mango and company have been telling.  If you do an expenditure search on the “Voice the Vote” PAC over at the Michigan Sec. of States searchable disclosure database you will see that on June 30th a direct expenditure was made from “Voice the Vote” to the Michigan Chronicle.    

This is copied and pasted directly from the report: 

Making Expenditure
Committee ID-Type
Sched Type Payee
, State Zip
Exp Type-Purpose
Exp Date Exp Amt
Candidate or BQ
Office Sought
06/30/06 $5,000.00  

The ad in question ran the week following this expenditure which was paid to the exact same paper that the ad in question was printed in.  That seems a little fishy to me and directly calls into question Mongo’s claim that no “Voice the Vote” money was used to fund the ad. 

Now the question then becomes why did Mongo write that letter if it was not true? 

(**Disclaimer** from here on out I am writing under the assumption that Mongo’s statement in the letter is false due to the information in the disclosure report.) 

Was the letter (which was supposedly written the same week the ad ran) written to discredit any donations that funded the ad because some of the donors were upset about its content and pressured him to do so right after it ran?  And if that is the case why did this letter surface almost a week after the Free Press wrote the original story on the issue. 

It seems to me that Voice the Vote or Adolph Mongo would have wanted to clear matters up about its donors right away instead of having their names tied to this non-sense if they had the means to do so. Or here is another scenario to ponder… 

Was the letter even written on the July 10th date or was it simply a “not so clever” attempt to cover up what happened way back this summer by releasing this letter after the scenerio entangled much higher profile names. 

If that is the case who was involved in the creation and distribution of the letter and what are they trying to cover up?”

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I saw this comment over at another blog and thought I would post it here for a general FYI

It is now even more important than ever to spread the word to all taxpayers about the Taxpayer Protest Rally! Everyday taxpayers need to show up at the Capitol in Lansing on April 18, bring a teabag that we will deliver to the Governor, and tell Lansing politicians to balance their budget by cutting spending and enacting reforms; NOT BY RAISING TAXES ON CITIZENS! Get to the Capitol around 10:00am. Rally starts at 11:00am, but you will need time to park.

Taxspenders are planning to hijack this rally, and demand more and more of YOUR money. We cannot allow the voices of everyday taxpayers to be drowned out. Take the day off work, clear the calendar, gather your family and friends, and head to Lansing on April 18!

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Granholm caught in lie…***MORE IMPORTANTLY***… Granholm caught in New York Yankees hat!!!!!!

So apparently Governor Granholm was caught in some kind of lie by members of the MIGOP at an Okemos Olive Garden.

According to Right Michigan:

“Breaking news here folks.  Grand Rapids TV13 is reporting that Jennifer Granholm made a quick appearance at the Michigan Municipal League at noon.  She was scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at their luncheon but quickly excused herself to head back into “closed door meetings.”  

Unfortunately, it looks like she wasn’t being completely honest.  At 12:15 she was seen walking into Olive Garden in Okemos, wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap to avoid being noticed and was there for over an hour alone with her daughter.”

O.K. whatever I think I’ll be able to get over the fact that the Governor wanted to have lunch with her daughter…HT to Right Michigan for breaking the story none-the-less.

What concerns me, what irks me more than anything – is this:

“At 12:15 she was seen walking into Olive Garden in Okemos, wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap to avoid being noticed”

Hey Jenny!! What is with the NY cap? You have now lost all of my respect…you should be impeached!


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Michigan to lose Congressional seat? Thanks Jenny.

Free Press

“Michigan is likely to lose one of its 15 seats in Congress after the 2010 U.S. census — meaning the possibility of a little less clout in Washington, a little less attention from presidential candidates and the smallest delegation from Michigan in about 100 years, based on census numbers released today.”

“Even though the state’s population grew by 1.6% over the last six years, it did so a lot more slowly than in states like Texas (13%), Arizona (20%) and Nevada (25%). That means reapportionment of the 435-member U.S. House will send seats from slow-growing or backsliding Northeast and Midwest states to the South and West.”

“Michigan has lost at least one representative after each of the last four censuses, from a peak of 19 after the 1960 census. The number determines how many Electoral College votes a state gets for president, with one for every Congress member and each of two senators.”

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Congressman Mike Rogers’ office is vandalized

Michigan’s 8th District made the front page of Drudgetoday, but not in a wat that anyone should be proud of.  Apparently some vandals decided to let Congressman Mike Rogers know that they do not agree with his stance on the Iraq war bydefacing his district office. 

Very productive you morons….

I will keep you posted if I here of any arrests..hopefully these cowards are caught and made an example of.

Roger’s Chief of Staff had this to say:

“It is unfortunate that a few criminals decided to attack the 8th District Congressional office in the middle of the night. This is an office which provides mid-Michigan citizens with assistance regarding Social Security, Medicare, the IRS, Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies.”

 “The aggressive destruction of federal property and vandalism was a callous attempt to intimidate Congressman Rogers and his staff.”

“We all are entitled to our own opinion on the situation in Iraq but we are not entitled to destruction of taxpayer property and intimidation of federal officials. With an office in Lansing, regular office hours throughout the district, rapid response to constituent concerns and a 24-hour online office, Congressman Rogers prides himself on his constituent service and ensuring all voices are heard. Despite this vicious attack last night, the office continues to serve constituents today and we encourage folks to continue calling the Congressman for assistance, appointments and other information they may need.”


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Yet another Michigan Poll

Clinton, McCain and Giuliani lead in Michigan polls
Associated Press
LANSING, Mich. – New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic favorite while Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are tops among Republicans, according to a new poll of likely Michigan voters released Monday.

When 454 Democrats were asked who they would vote for if the presidential primary or caucus were held today, 45 percent said Clinton while 29 percent said Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards came in third at 16 percent, while New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden each got 4 percent.

Two percent said they were undecided.

Among 392 Republicans polled, 30 percent said they’d vote for McCain, while 26 percent chose Giuliani. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was picked by 21 percent, while 16 percent chose former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and 1 percent chose Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback. Four percent were undecided.

Two percent of Republicans volunteered that they’d vote for former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who plays district attorney Arthur Branch on NBC’s drama “Law & Order.” Thompson has said he’s pondering a run but has not yet decided if he’ll be a candidate.

Both polls were conducted March 12 through Sunday by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA. The margin of sampling error for the poll of Democrats was around plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, while it was plus or minus 5 percentage points for Republicans.

Asked if they had a favorable opinion of the presidential hopefuls, Democrats gave Clinton a 78 percent favorable rating, while Obama got 72 percent.

Nearly 40 percent or more didn’t recognize the names of Democrats Biden, Richardson, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Clark and Kucinich were unsuccessful presidential candidates in 2004.

Fifty-three percent of the Republicans polled had a favorable opinion of Giuliani, while 50 percent had a favorable opinion of McCain. Thirty-three percent thought favorably of Gingrich, while 29 percent had a favorable opinion of Romney.

But around 40 percent or more didn’t recognized the names of Brownback, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, California Rep. Duncan Hunter or Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel. Brownback, Huckabee and Hunter are all in the race, while Hagel has said he’ll announce his presidential intentions later this year.


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The Michigan Primary

States jockey for ’08 position (Det News Link)

Parties seek earlier primary, caucus dates, but will Michigan benefit?

Gordon Trowbridge / Detroit News Washington Bureau

Only two things are clear about the convoluted jockeying among states for the pole position in the 2008 presidential nomination contests: No one likes how this is going. And it can only get worse.For Michigan, which is among two dozen or more states scrambling to move its nomination contests earlier in the campaign calendar, the unsettled process carries big implications. It could bring more national attention to the state’s economic plight and that of its embattled manufacturers. Or, Michigan voters could be lost among the sea of balloting. “The system today is ridiculous,” said state Republican chairman Saul Anuzis.What’s happening? A crush of states, all seeking more influence in the selection of presidential candidates, have set primary or party caucus dates on Feb. 5. That’s the first day, under national party rules, in which states can vote. States that go earlier risk losing delegates to the national conventions. California, on Thursday, became the latest big state to move to Feb. 5; as many as 26 may eventually select delegates in one or both party races that day.

All are trying to move as close as possible to Jan. 22, the date of New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. Increasingly, politicians have chafed at the influence New Hampshire and Iowa, both in the bottom half of the 50 states, in population, wield with their early contests.

“We’re not going to let New Hampshire run roughshod over this process,” said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., who along with state Democratic Party mover and shaker Debbie Dingell fought to place two states between Iowa’s Jan. 14 caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Levin and others hoped to give industrial states such as Michigan more influence; instead, party leaders picked Nevada and South Carolina

Continue reading

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Another Michigan Poll (Update)

Check out all the other questions here.

Below are the results of a three-day poll of likely voters in the state of Michigan. Results are based on telephone interviews with 1200 likely voters in Michigan, aged 18+, and conducted March 9-11, 2007. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

13. For the 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination whom would you support? (Republicans Only)

Rudy Giuliani 28%
John McCain 24%
Mitt Romney 14%
Newt Gingrich 8%
Sam Brownback 4%
Tom Tancredo 3%
Tommy Thompson 2%
Mike Huckabee 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Duncan Hunter 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Undecided 13%


Per the request of our friends over at “the d spot” here is some info on the Dems poll numbers…

14. For the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination whom would you support? (Democrats Only)

Hillary Clinton 33%
Barack Obama 28%
John Edwards 14%
Joseph Biden 4%
Bill Richardson 2%
Wesley Clark 2%
Christopher Dodd 1%
Dennis Kucinich 1%
Undecided 15%


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Giuliani in Michigan, not everyone is excited about his candidacy….

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in Macomb County, MI last night to speak at the county GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

While in Michigan Mr. Giuliani picked up the endorsement of James Tignanelli, President of the 14,000 person Police Officer Association of Michigan…a huge pick up that might jump-start his state campaign; an campiagn that this article refers to as lacking behind Romney and McCain.

The part of the article that I found most interesting was this however:

“But Giuliani’s stance on some issues doesn’t sit well with Tom McMillin, the Michigan Republican Party’s Issues Committee chairman. He was among those who formed a group Friday called the Conservative Declaration of Independence, which vowed to withhold its support from the former New York mayor even if he wins the GOP presidential nomination.”

“We are conservatives first and Republicans second, and we will not stand by as the Republican Party considers nominating a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homosexual rights liberal as the nominee of our party,” McMillin said in a news release.

Here is their website www.theconservativedeclaration.wordpress.com.

This is basically what the major signers of the document have to say:

The Conservative Declaration of
– March 15, 2007  

When, in the course of political process, it might become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, it becomes necessary to declare the causes which would impel the separation.  We, the undersigned of this digital document, hereby agree that we are Conservatives first and Republicans second, and that we would not support the candidacy of Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani  if  the Republican Party chooses to nominate him for President of the United States. We hereby agree that Mr. Giuliani is an American hero for his performance in the aftermath of 9-11, however his liberal record as Mayor, appointment of liberal judges, and the conduct of his personal life make it impossible for us to support his candidacy under any circumstances. 

We hereby urge conservatives across the country to join us in signing this Conservative Declaration of Independence by emailing theconservativedeclaration@hotmail.com .  

In Agreement, 

New Hampshire 

Paul Nagy Draft Buchanan ’92Northeast Director, Buchanan ‘92Northeast Director, Christian Coalition, 1994-99 


Mark Forton Chairman, Michigan ConservativeUnion State Chairman, Buchanan for President, 1996 & 2000County Republican Chairman, MacombCounty Republican Party, 1994-1996

Tom McMillin 

State Field Director, Christian Coalition of Michigan, 1994-1998 Issues Committee Chairman, Michigan Republican Party, 2005-2007Board Member, American Family Association of Michigan, present.

It will be interesting to see what kind of traction this group gains nationally, as I am sure there are more conservatives out there who are very shaky on Giuliani’s record.

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Is Romney’s grassroots support legitimate or merley Astroturf?


First there was the touted Romney win at CPAC a couple of weeks ago which numerous bloggers and news mediums have reported the possibility of being tainted because Romney bussed in college students to skew the already skewed sample even more in Romney’s favor.  These reports could not have been worse for Romney considering when the numbers came back and it was all said and done, Rudy Guiliani had actually acquired higher numbers in terms of first and second choice totals.


I am not sure what look worse, getting called out on trying to rig a victory or coming up short in doing so even after being exposed.


And then today Matt Lewis over at TownHall has as interesting article on the Romney campaign here in Michigan and on the importance of the state in the upcoming Primary.  According to the article the Romney campaign is listing members if the MIGOP as endorsers of the campaign who have not exactly given their support to the former Governor.


He also makes a point to note last months blow when some members of Michigan’s legislature who had previously endorsed Romney’s campaign pulled their support.  According to the article, Jack Waldvogel and Joel Westrom, both who were listed as Romney supporters have chosen not to endorse anyone at this time. 

Waldvogel states:

“I like Mitt Romney, but I did not authorize them to use my name in an endorsement … they did use my name in an endorsement ad. I had not authorized that … “

And Westrom adds:

“My name should not have been listed. I’ve been working with the Romney team and the First District and there was a misunderstanding about my support. As Chairman for the District, I’m neutral in the Presidential race.”


To add yet another foul apple to the giant bundle that is stinking up the blogosphere for Romney, Eye on 08’ is questioning the legitimacy of Romney’s poll numbers in New Hampshire because of the methodology used in collecting data by the polling firm Franlin Peirce; who Eye on 08’ points out used to be run by Romney consultant, Rich Killion.

Eye on 08’ sums it up nicely:


“Two polls show Romney in the game in New Hampshire (the other is Suffolk University, “in the heart of Boston”). Both of them have shoddy methodology. The most recent is Romney’s consultant’s old polling shop.”


Now in defense of Romney the whole straw pole thing might have been blown a little out of proportion because amassing a group of supporters to win a straw poll is nothing new in the game, all it basically does is ruin the legitimacy of most straw polls because everyone does it.


Unfortunately for Romney, however, the fact the Rudy Giuliani was actually able to come out ahead in the CPAC straw poll from a certain point of view with almost no organization what-so-ever is the more damaging of the two accusations.


Concerning the mess that Romney has got himself into in Michigan in terms of loosing previously committed supporters and fabricating the existence of others, Romney’s Michigan grassroots organizer, Gerry Mason, had this to say:

“We do not want anybody on our list who is not supporting Mitt. Anyone on that list has been contacted two or three times. At this point in the game, the last thing we need to do is to list somebody by accident.”

OK…I’ll buy that, everyone makes mistakes.

As for the polling accusation, as far as I am concerned, whether or not Team Romney might have had some effect on the legitimacy of the polling data is concerning to me for only one reason; (seeing as how very few people in this stage of the game besides us politicos are paying attention to this stuff)  he is still polling third in the state behind McCain and Giuliani

This does not bode well for Team Romney as they try to position their candidate as “top tier” whether it is by legitimate grassroots support or by and Astroturf campaign.

Either way you look at it, it seems that they are failing.

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Guess who’s back…Swing State’s back!

AHHHHH how I love the glorious mid-semester crazy fest that is Spring Break, but as always back to the grind.

One of Swing State’s favorites, Rep. Ron Paul made his candidacy official this morning.  With Hagel’s announcement (if you can call it that) somewhat still in the air, Rep. Paul has the unique position of being the only anti war candidate in the GOP field.  (Not that we here think that is the best position for a GOP candidate that wants our vote, but none-the-less Ron Paul is and interesting candidate that has the courage to stick to his guns on what he believes in.)

“The exploratory committee set out to find out if there would be support. To tell you the truth, I was reluctant to set up that committee, I was urged and did it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of people who responded and the fundraising went very well. I have been encouraged and I think a lot of people want to hear my message. I’m willing to deliver it.”

Congressman Ron Paul
March 12, 2007 on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Rudy Guiliani has started to take some heat from what I have been able to gather since I have been back on the net.  I am still searching for the youtube video of his views on abortion that everyone seems to be talking about.  I will post it as soon as I come across it.

Meanwhile in Michigan: HT to Saul:

“A group of taxpayers are organizing a Taxpayers Protest Day on April 18th on the steps of the Capitol at 11:00am.  Taxpayers from across the state will be gathering to send the Governor and the legislature a message.  If you want your voice to be heard, consider showing up.

More details to follow. Info will be posted at www.mitaxpayers.org. as the Taxpayer Tea Bag Protest rally grows and develops.  EVERY taxpayer should consider participating…our voices need to be heard.”

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Sen. John Thune in Michigan, and other stories

Greetings again bloggers…I had a few exams last week and did not have much time to track the news, but have no fear, I now have another 5 weeks of neglecting my school work until I have to cram for my next exam.

I know I missed some big events here in Michigan since the convention:

1)  Mitt Romney’s announcement in Dearborn.   From everything that I was able to follow on this I heard that it went off in a less than stellar fashion.  Everything I saw on the news look organized and well planned for the former Governor and what I heard of his speech sounded great.  However, weather and other campaigns might have gotten the best of Team Romney that week.

Michigan Cooler has some great insight into the matter if you have not already seen it.

2) Another story that seems to be picking up steam is that the Michigan Republicans seem to be putting up a good fight against the Granholm tax increases; I guess the Senate managed to defeat the budget, Saul’s blog has had good coverage of this continuing saga.

And in the most recent news Sen. John Thune was in Michigan this week, yesterday as a matter of fact, and spoke at the Kent County Lincoln Day Dinner.

Sen. John Thune is one of Swing Stater’s favorite Seantor’s.  He has apparently endorsed fellow Senator John McCain for President.  This is a big pick-up for Team McCain.

In other news Mitt Romney seems to be taking another lashing for what some view as a faltering position of gun control.  As I am sure many know from the now infamous 94′ Seante debate, Romney was an advocate for many gun control measures that were not exactly popular with the NRA and far right.

Since joining the NRA last August Romney has been a staunch defender of the second amendment on the campaign trail.

 The Boston Globe says this on the subject:

“Mitt Romney, who has touted his support of gun owners since launching his presidential campaign, yesterday acknowledged he did not become a member of the National Rifle Association until last August, campaign officials said.

A former advocate of gun control, Romney during his 1994 run for the US Senate backed measures the gun-rights group opposed, such as a five-day waiting period on gun sales and a ban on certain assault weapons.”

Romney’s campaign has this to say:

“He joined the NRA because, like millions of Americans, he supports the group’s advocacy of the Second Amendment and its commitment to education programs promoting the safe use of firearms by law-abiding gun owners…”

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Romney Protest at the Michigan Republican Convention

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Live from the MIGOP Convention

It was a snowy and cold night hear in Grand Rapids, but that did not stop the hundreds of GOP delegates from around the state from turning out for a great time. 

There was some old familiar faces walking the halls of the Amway Grand and the Devos Convention center, but it was the bright fresh excited young faces that really stood out.  It is very promising to see so many young people taking an interest in politics.

It is clear from the turnout at this years convention that Michigan is a “hot spot” on the 08′ radar. 

 Mitt Romney’s brother Scott toured the Caucus rooms with a Blue T’shirted clan of young Republicans.

Sam Brownback was also seen making his way around tha halls with a crew of supporters.

I really did not notice much ofa Giuliani presence other than a small table in the from lobby, but with reports of a recent endorsement for the former Mayor by Congresswoman Candice Miller I would not be surprised if there was some talk around the halls about his candidacy.

The most vocal group of the night was definitely the supporters of Senator John McCain.  They had a large group of people in and out of caucus rooms with Chuck Yob and Holly Hughes.  Minnessotta Governor Tim Pawlenty was in town speaking on the Senator’s behalf and Team McCain managed to put together quite a show.

 I am about to make my way down to some of the parties downstairs, Governor Romney’s people have put together quite a spread for the Michigan delegates, and the McCain people have been handing invites out all day to there fiesta.

 I will give a more detailed account of today’s events tomorrow.

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