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The Michigan Primary (And around and around we go!)

OK, so today Florida voted to move its primary up to Jan. 29.  What does that mean for Michigan?  Well, MDP Chairman Mark Brewer has been quoted as saying:

“I have consulted with Michigan Democratic leaders and the consensus is that the MDP will hold its Caucus on Saturday, February 9, 2008 provided all other states abide by the DNC scheduling rules,” Brewer said. “There is also a consensus among our leaders that if any state schedules its caucus or primary in violation of the DNC’s rules, Michigan will move its Caucus to an earlier date. That earlier date may be on or before the date of the offending state’s caucus or primary.”

 ~March 1st 2007

Is he going to stand by his words? Only time will tell.

What about the Republicans?

Well according to this article, last month “Michigan Republicans….voted-to hold their presidential primary next Feb. 5, but agreed they would move up the date if Michigan Democrats go earlier.”

The main reason for the move according to MIGOP Chairman Saul Anuzis is to hold a primary on the same day and the Democratic party.

To make matter worse, the MDP is asking that municiplaties have their primary locations to them by June 1st.  There is only one problem with that…no one knows what date to reserve the sites for.

From my best guess, if MDP Chairman Mar Brewer hold true to his word, it looks like a joint primary or caucus on Jan. 29 for Michigan.



There have been some reports that moving up might not matter as much because states will be penalized by loosing delegates.  There has also been some reports that certain candidates will not participate in states that buck party rules. (Edwards)

Well, I have a couple thoughts on that.

1st – Florida and Michigan are both large states …if they are both penalized the combination of there two delegates will still be more the enough to entice candidates.

2nd – And this goes without saying, winning them will generate momentum for candidates going into Super Tuesday no matter what anyone tells you.  Candidates will not be able to pass that up…plain and simple.


May 3, 2007 - Posted by | Michigan Politics, News from the News

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