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Romney takes a jab at McCain

Politico has an interesting thought on  a part of Romney’s Iraq supplemental Vote press release.  Was he taking a jab at McCain…it sure sounds like it to me.

From politico.com

“Of course the DNC and Romney folks which much rather have us focus on the fact that McCain missed the supplemental vote today. The bill passed 51-46, so McCain’s presence would not have had an impact.  Still, the Romney campaign couldn’t help but to include the following not-very-subtle in the last sentence of their release:

“We must also thank those senators who recorded their support for our troops and voted against this timeline for withdrawal.”

It might not be a very good idea for Governor Romney to go after McCain, someone who has stood behind the troops at every stop, for not being on record to support them.

Especially considering his track record of attendance during his last term of office.

See below.

Romney left Mass. on 212 days in ’06

Visited 35 states; built a national network

Laying the foundation of a presidential candidacy, Governor Mitt Romney has spent all or part of 212 days outside Massachusetts so far in 2006, an average of more than four days on the road each week, a Globe review of his public schedules shows.

Since announcing a year ago he would not seek reelection, Romney has been a one-man barnstorming show, traveling to 35 states and eight countries and logging well over 200,000 air miles.

Read the rest here.


April 27, 2007 - Posted by | News from the News

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