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Some interesting thoughts on that whole Rakolta Nazi ad debacle

 I received the following in an anonymous email…none-the-less I thought it was somewhat interesting….

“Last month the DNC put out a press release criticizing Michigan resident and Co-Chair of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s national finance committee for a donation that he made to the PAC Voice the Vote. 

Apparently the PAC was responsible for an attack that criticized Democrats (specifically Governor Jennifer Granholm) and compared them to Adolph Hilter.Click to close, click and drag to move. Use arrow keys for next and previous.


According to the MSNBC“The Democratic National Committee…took issue with Rakolta’s role in the presidential campaign and called on Romney to disavow attack ads. 

Rakolta denied any knowledge of the ad and basically said, “All the Democrats are trying to do is embarrass Mitt Romney.”  He asserted that, “I’m not going to let one or two people, or the Democratic National Committee stop me from fundraising for Mitt Romney.” 

In an article from the Free Press on the subject “Nataki Harbin, Voice the Vote’s treasurer, reiterated previous denials by her and her stepfather, Detroit political consultant Adolph Mongo, that the ad was put together in collaboration with the DeVos campaign or the Michigan Republican Party,” and I assume this means any of the donors to the PAC. 

According to the MSNBC article “The DNC said Rakolta’s position on Romney’s finance committee raises questions about the type of presidential campaign the Republican candidate plans on running.” 

It seems to be very clear from all this that there is nothing to be made of Rakolta’s involvement with the ad considering the treasurer of the organization from which the ad was made claimed that there was no collaboration from any outside parties as to the content of the ad. 

However as most of us know, stories like this seem to have a mind of their own. 

Just as the whole story seemed to be picking up steam, and just when the Romney camp was starting to take some serious heat on the issue (which is exactly what the DNC must have intended on) a dagger was delivered to any momentum the DNC had generated in their attempt to tie the ad to a major member of the Romney campaign. 

This dagger came in the form of a document that was released from Adolph Mongo stating that “the add titled ‘Sometimes a Handshake and an Acknowledgement make a difference,’ is a personal advocacy add that was paid for by for by a personal credit that was owed to me from a previous transaction with the Michigan Chronicle.  It was not paid for by funds from Voice the Vote.” 

This documented, which is dated July 10, 2006, was apparently being circulated as proof that Rakolta did not have any involvement with the ad.  According to Jonathon Martin’s blog from over at the Politico, where there is a copy of the letter: 

“Assuming the guy is telling the truth and not just covering his donors and the party, John Rakolta, the Romney finance co-chair, never actually saw his money spent on an ad that compared Dems to Hitler or something.Lesson to major political givers:

Know who you’re donating your cash to.” 

So that should settle it, right…assuming this guy is telling the truth. 

Well, some minimal research might raise some question to the version of the story that Mr. Mango and company have been telling.  If you do an expenditure search on the “Voice the Vote” PAC over at the Michigan Sec. of States searchable disclosure database you will see that on June 30th a direct expenditure was made from “Voice the Vote” to the Michigan Chronicle.    

This is copied and pasted directly from the report: 

Making Expenditure
Committee ID-Type
Sched Type Payee
, State Zip
Exp Type-Purpose
Exp Date Exp Amt
Candidate or BQ
Office Sought
06/30/06 $5,000.00  

The ad in question ran the week following this expenditure which was paid to the exact same paper that the ad in question was printed in.  That seems a little fishy to me and directly calls into question Mongo’s claim that no “Voice the Vote” money was used to fund the ad. 

Now the question then becomes why did Mongo write that letter if it was not true? 

(**Disclaimer** from here on out I am writing under the assumption that Mongo’s statement in the letter is false due to the information in the disclosure report.) 

Was the letter (which was supposedly written the same week the ad ran) written to discredit any donations that funded the ad because some of the donors were upset about its content and pressured him to do so right after it ran?  And if that is the case why did this letter surface almost a week after the Free Press wrote the original story on the issue. 

It seems to me that Voice the Vote or Adolph Mongo would have wanted to clear matters up about its donors right away instead of having their names tied to this non-sense if they had the means to do so. Or here is another scenario to ponder… 

Was the letter even written on the July 10th date or was it simply a “not so clever” attempt to cover up what happened way back this summer by releasing this letter after the scenerio entangled much higher profile names. 

If that is the case who was involved in the creation and distribution of the letter and what are they trying to cover up?”


April 5, 2007 - Posted by | Michigan Politics, News from the News

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  1. This is a big story. Why is this not in the media?

    Comment by Justin Smith | April 6, 2007 | Reply

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