Swing State

Politics and Humor…but I repeat myself

Forget 1984 someone should do a Tron ad…or Rollerball would be even better!!!

O.K. aside from the fact that this is absolutely pathetic compared to the Big Sis Hillary parody, I think it is a very important footnote for the future of elections.

Everyone has been talking about this election as being the first true election of the average person.  With outlets such as  blogs and You-tube campaigns have less control over the message that is portrayed about their candidacy.

Grassroots support can swell from underneath a candidate with these mediums and they can create media attention for a candidate (as we have seen in this case) that is completely outside the candidates control.

With that in mind…I would like to suggest a new theme for independent campaign supporters to use for an attack ad.  Please see the following clips below and adapt as you see fit.

This could be a very interesting election cycle….

Welcome to the FREAK SHOW!!!!!!

Lets hear your ideas!!!


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