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1984 Ad creator found, Florida is moving on up, Romney’s loss is Giuliani’s gain

The creator of the now infamous Big Sister Hillary ad has been identified as an employee of a tech company that has a contract with Obama.  Apparently the guy was not involved with the Obama camp and has done no work on their behalf.  Team Obama has denied they had anything to do with the ad from the very beginning.

He has also been fired from the company.  (In all actuallity he will probably be picked up some by some huge PR or marketing firm very soon, so being fired might be the best thing that ever happened to him.)

Read the whole story here.

In other news Florida may be moving up it’s primary to Jan. 29!!!  This is huge news for the Sunshine State, or as my buddy called it when he first moved down their after graduation “America’s Wang.”  With this move they would thus leapfrog all the Feb. 5 or Super Tuesday states and become the first “large state’ to hold a primary.

As I am sure everyone knows, there has been a major rush for states to move up their primaries this election cycle to become bigger players in the Presidential nominating game. 

Many big states like California (who just moved up to Feb. 5th), Texas, and New York (who are all talking about moving to the same date), feel that smaller states like Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire have too big a role in the process considering their size.

Michigan is considering moving up it’s date to at least Feb. 5th and possibly earlier. 

And finally Rudy Giuliani made a big pickup today at the expense of Mitt Romney:

“Richard Blankenship, a Jacksonville area investment banker and President Bush’s former ambassador to the Bahamas, said he resigned from Romney’s Florida finance team after becoming convinced Giuliani had broader appeal and said other Romney fundraisers in Florida could do the same.”

Seeing as how Romney already made news this week concerning his Florida fund-raising staff with the addition of H. Wayne Huizenga, who is #153 on the list of Forbes’s 100 richest Americans, this loss is not as damaging strategically to the campaign as it is morally damaging.

Blankenship gave the following reason for leaving:

“The changes in core beliefs gave rise to some concerns. You have to have an anchor in life,” he said of Romney. “Mayor Giuliani has a firm, secure hold on his moral compass and how that effects his platform, rather than change to satisfy special interests in our party. The Republican Party needs to broaden its appeal beyond a few special interests.”

Having a supporter say that a campaign lacks moral compass and then leave to back someone else is just about the worst press that any candidate could receive.  When people jump ship from supporting a campaign it seriously calls into qoestion the viability of that campaign and Romney has already had problems with losing support right here in Michigan. 


March 22, 2007 - Posted by | News from the News

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