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Some more good stuff over at today’s Hotline, McCain vs. the Club for Growth, Romney not flinching in Florida

Hotline has been doing a great job of covering the proxy battle going on between the McCain Camp and the Club for Growth:

Here is a video of the Club for Growth’s response to McCain:

Here is a video of an interview on McCain that Hotline says is a response from the McCain Camp:


In other news, Hotline has some great news for Team Romney from down in Florida that might just offset the whole Castro debacle…This is a huge pick up for Romney and it could not come at better time for him in Florida.

Romney Scores “King Midas”

Normally, the addition of a single name to a roster of 77 fundraisers wouldn’t be noticed, but this is different: Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney has won the support of one of the most high profile, influential entrepreneurs in all of Florida — a major GOP fundraiser to boot. This get will earn him some positive Sunshine State press. H. Wayne Huizenga is #153 on the list of Forbes’s 100 richest Americans. His nickname in South Florida: “King Midas.”


March 20, 2007 - Posted by | News from the News

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  1. […] as how Romney made a big pick up already this week to his Florida fund-raising staff with the addition of H. Wayne Huizenga, who is #153 on the list of Forbes’s 100 richest Americans, this loss is not as damaging strategically to the campaign as it is morally […]

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