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Romney is under attack by the Boston Media

comrade.JPGIt is no secret that the Boston media market has been very critical of the states former Governor and current GOP Prez contender, Mitt Romney.  However this week the media generals have launched into DEFCON 5 with their assault.

The cover of the Boston Herald, which I picked up over at Hotline is focusing on Mitt’s recent “fumbleia…fumblerooski” from down in Miami.  (I had original thought this would be something that would be taken as just a simple mistake) but has since really picked up some steam as something that people are really upset about. 

The article states that, “Cubans in Miami are steaming mad at former Gov. Mitt Romney for shooting his mouth off in stumbling Spanish, mispronouncing names and erroneously associating a notorious Fidel Castro-spewed Communist catch phrase with freedom fighters. ”

The Romney camp, who has to be in full fledged damage control mode by now with this one (so much so that a video of the speech that Eye on 08′ had found has since been removed from the net) is running with this talking point to cover up the mess:

 “The point is, the phrase belongs to liberators, not oppressors. It doesn’t belong to Fidel Castro. It doesn’t belong to Hugo Chavez. It belongs to a free Cuba.” 

Personally, and I think that most people out there understand, that a mistake like this is obviously the result of some poor research and some bad advice from someone in the Romney camp rather than a purposeful stab by someone who is trying to run for President, but things like this effect different people in different ways.

I think that the message delivered by my personal idols, Matt Stone and Trey Parker (the creators of South Park) from this seasons first episode really rings true in this case.  (As it will forever shape my outlook on situations like this in the future.)

The episode focuses on the use of the “n” word, which I will admit is some different than the situation surrounding Romney debacle, but I think the over all message still applies. In this case, Stan can not figure out why his dad’s use of the “n” word on national TV, since it was used by mistake and in a non threatening fashion, continues to bother his black pier Token.  Stan’s main argument becomes a classical defense fallacy in cases of this sort, “its was just a mistake and it is just a word.” 

This does not seem to appease Token as he continues to give Stan the cold shoulder for the rest of the episode.  In classical South Park fassion, Matt and Trey hit us with the underlying message behind the episode right at the end when Stan comes to the realization that “he doesn’t get it.”  Instead of trying to apologize and justify the action Stan realizes that he must simply admit that “he just does not get what it feels like to have someone use that word.”

I think that defenders of Team Romney in this case would be well served to use this type of defense in their handling of this situation rather than the generic fallacy that I laid out above.  I think it is wrong to criticize people that get upset by things of this nature, and I think it is wrong to blow it off as merely a mistake and “not that big of deal.”

When it is all said and done most of us will never really understand what it feels like to be put in a situation where words offend us and why they do so.  Since the entire situation blossomed from a certain level of ignorance, I think it is better to use ignorance as an “excuse” if you will, rather than apathy.

Again, I will admit that I view this situation as a simple mistake and something that Romney should not take a ton of heat for, but then again I am just unable to grasp why certain people would view it as offensive, so my opinion really does not matter.

This video kinds of explains the philosophy behind my argument since I was unable to find the actual clip online because VIACOM sucks!!!!!

Whew…now back to the original point of this post…

I also came across this article from the Boston Globe in which the writer, who is obviously fed up with what he views as numerous “flip flops” from Romney for political benefit launches into a bunch of hypothetical situations where he can envision Romney going on certain issues to get political benefit when things are not going his way.

In the writers own words:

“Now that Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on, deep breath here, abortion rights, gay rights, gun control, immigration policy, and campaign finance reform, what’s left to reverse? Maybe this:

July 20, 2007

DES MOINES — Trailing by double-digit margins in the polls to thrice-married Rudolph Giuliani and twice-married John McCain, presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he was seeking a divorce from his longtime wife, Ann.

Sept. 30, 2007

GREENVILLE, S.C. — With the public rallying around Rudy Giuliani in his public estrangement from his son, Mitt Romney called a press conference to announce that he had severed all ties to his five boys.

Dec. 5, 2007

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Presidential candidate Mitt Romney denied ever being governor of Massachusetts, telling supporters at a private fund-raiser: “Check the records. I was never there.”

I think you get the gist of where the article goes from there.  Now it is obviously written with heavy sarcasam, but I think it sets a very important tone for the future of the Romney candidacy.

Romney is someone who many insiders are siding with in the early stages if the GOP battle for the nomination, and he has prove to be a very formidable candidate as far as fundraising potential goes; maybe even the best in the field.  However Romney has been plaugued throughout his campaign by bad press and is at risk of letting the negative attacks from the media shape the general publics perception of him rather than allowing his campaign the ability to do that themselves, and in a much more positive light obviously.

If this current trend continues and his pole numbers remain in the cellar than no amount of endorsements and no amount of money will be able to pull him out of the abyss…just ask John Kerry.


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  1. Thanks for that very fair understanding. I, for one, appreciate it,especially after reading all the horrible attacks on Mitt. It’s clear the left does not want Romney in the running.

    Comment by Lizzie | March 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. I have been noticing more and more relentless, distorted attacks against Mitt Romney from Liberals than towards Giuliani and McCain! I think the underlying reason is that they know he’s the best, most articulate, electable, decent, presidential Conservative candidate amongst the Republicans!

    Why aren’t they going after Giuliani and McCain as much? The answer is very clear – Giuliani and McCain are either moderate or leftist Republican’s – either one is more a friend or ally to the Democratic Party’s platform than the Republican’s!

    GO MITT!

    Comment by Jacosta | March 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. What a bunch of . . .refuse. I, the commoner can tell when there is no news behind a “news story”, what’s the problem with the rest of yous? Listen to the speech, I say. I think there is some serious misrepresentation going on here. Not that it matters, Romney has taken abuse before and continues to forge onward. And I, along with many others, turn less and less to the MSM propaganda machine for information.

    Comment by Liz | March 21, 2007 | Reply

  4. Liberal media dogs don’t chase cars that are standing still.
    Mitt’s the only GOP candidate they really fear; they obviously don’t want him to get the nomination.

    Comment by Danny Boy | March 21, 2007 | Reply

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