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Congressman Mike Rogers’ office is vandalized

Michigan’s 8th District made the front page of Drudgetoday, but not in a wat that anyone should be proud of.  Apparently some vandals decided to let Congressman Mike Rogers know that they do not agree with his stance on the Iraq war bydefacing his district office. 

Very productive you morons….

I will keep you posted if I here of any arrests..hopefully these cowards are caught and made an example of.

Roger’s Chief of Staff had this to say:

“It is unfortunate that a few criminals decided to attack the 8th District Congressional office in the middle of the night. This is an office which provides mid-Michigan citizens with assistance regarding Social Security, Medicare, the IRS, Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies.”

 “The aggressive destruction of federal property and vandalism was a callous attempt to intimidate Congressman Rogers and his staff.”

“We all are entitled to our own opinion on the situation in Iraq but we are not entitled to destruction of taxpayer property and intimidation of federal officials. With an office in Lansing, regular office hours throughout the district, rapid response to constituent concerns and a 24-hour online office, Congressman Rogers prides himself on his constituent service and ensuring all voices are heard. Despite this vicious attack last night, the office continues to serve constituents today and we encourage folks to continue calling the Congressman for assistance, appointments and other information they may need.”



March 20, 2007 - Posted by | Michigan Politics, News from the News

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  1. I had not heard about this. I may be strongly against most of how Mike Rogers stands on things, but vandalizing his office is wrong. He believes what he is allowed to believe and vandalizing will only make his beliefs more strong and “justified” in his eyes.

    Let’s respect our competition to office, he is strong in Republican eyes and we should respect those values of fellow Americans.

    Comment by Vivacious | August 19, 2008 | Reply

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