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Guess who’s back…Swing State’s back!

AHHHHH how I love the glorious mid-semester crazy fest that is Spring Break, but as always back to the grind.

One of Swing State’s favorites, Rep. Ron Paul made his candidacy official this morning.  With Hagel’s announcement (if you can call it that) somewhat still in the air, Rep. Paul has the unique position of being the only anti war candidate in the GOP field.  (Not that we here think that is the best position for a GOP candidate that wants our vote, but none-the-less Ron Paul is and interesting candidate that has the courage to stick to his guns on what he believes in.)

“The exploratory committee set out to find out if there would be support. To tell you the truth, I was reluctant to set up that committee, I was urged and did it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of people who responded and the fundraising went very well. I have been encouraged and I think a lot of people want to hear my message. I’m willing to deliver it.”

Congressman Ron Paul
March 12, 2007 on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

Rudy Guiliani has started to take some heat from what I have been able to gather since I have been back on the net.  I am still searching for the youtube video of his views on abortion that everyone seems to be talking about.  I will post it as soon as I come across it.

Meanwhile in Michigan: HT to Saul:

“A group of taxpayers are organizing a Taxpayers Protest Day on April 18th on the steps of the Capitol at 11:00am.  Taxpayers from across the state will be gathering to send the Governor and the legislature a message.  If you want your voice to be heard, consider showing up.

More details to follow. Info will be posted at www.mitaxpayers.org. as the Taxpayer Tea Bag Protest rally grows and develops.  EVERY taxpayer should consider participating…our voices need to be heard.”


March 12, 2007 - Posted by | Michigan Politics, News from the News

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