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McCain Romney Proxy battle at the Michigan Convention

Eye on 08′ has a great article on an apparent proxy battle between the McCain people from Michigan and the Romney people from Michigan that took place at the convention.

Here are some the run down:

“Two sources at the Michigan Republican Party Convention report that John McCain’s campaign defeated Mitt Romney’s campaign in a clear proxy fight at the convention in the battle for Youth Chair.

While neither campaign endorsed in the race, staffers from both campaigns were managing the floor fights for their respective candidates. Matt Hall, supported by McCain, beat Trevor Tippsley, supported by Romney, by 8 votes out of approximately 2,000. For pictures and lists of supporters, see their facebook groups (Hall, Tippsley)”

Check out the full post over at Eye on 08′.


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  1. What Eye fails to mention are the other 4 races of the convention. Romney’s candidate ran unnopposed, including the state chair, this because McCain had little support to run candidates.

    So four spots were won by Romney, and the lowest race was won by McCain with 8 voted out of 2000 votes. Hardly a major victory for McCain.


    Comment by Jason | February 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. This is a replay (continuation) of the 2006 election. DeVos was able to financially rise above the fray, but this cost him in enthusiastic support from the party elite. Where it was evident was in the U.S. Senate primary race.
    The so called “McCain people” were backing the early favorite Keith Butler. The problem was that Butler did not appeal to the average conservative and neither does McCain. Michigan voters do not like to be force fed their candidates.
    Net result: failure.

    The so called “Romney people” backed a late entry of Mike Buchard. The Buchard campaign guaranteed that because he won Oakland county in 2004 when president Bush did not, it proved his crossover appeal. Buchard lost worse than DeVos, and he failed to win Oakland county where he was the sheriff.
    Net result: Dismal Failure

    The interesting side show to the U.S. Senate race was the noble attempt by Jerry Zandstra. He was a West Michigander (hurdle one), he was not wealthy (hurdle two) He was not well connected to the political “establishment” (hurdle three). Finally, he was strongly apposed by the now McCain and especially Romney people.

    Who was this Zandstra? An idealist, a dreamer, yes. But also eminently qualified and able to garner a vast array of support from the grassroots. He was by far the winner of the three debates I witnessed. He was solidly Conservative on social and fiscal policy issues and could actually explain why. But, overcoming the political machines in MI proved to much.
    Net result: failure
    Today we continue the fight. McCain vs. Romney. Yet, I found that it was Senator Brownback who hit home with Michigan GOP Convention delegates. But he is the outsider. The most conservative on fiscal and social issues, he, like Zandstra, fights against the tide.

    Personally, I think too many of the so called “McCain people” and “Romney people” are practicing the ugly side of politics, where power, influence and gathering IOUs dictate behavior. In the end we fail to deliver Michigan during National elections.

    Net result: FAILURE

    Comment by Lean toStarboard | February 12, 2007 | Reply

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