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McCain and Romney assemble their Michigan Campaigns

According to Michigan Cooler McCain has secured Oakland County politician Ruth Johnson for a member of his statewide Steering Committee.  

On Monday Michigan for McCain posted that Michigan RNC members Chuck Yob and Holly Hughes would be supporting McCain.

These are some big pickups for the McCain organization here in Michigan that compliment people like Attorney General Miked Cox, who are already on board with McCain.

As far as the Romney organization goes, the former Massachusetts governor has recently secured the support of Congressman David Camp. (Michigan Cooler)

According to a post from Saul on the MIGOP Blog last week Romney has put together a list of names for his field staff here in Michigan.

Here is the list:

Jason McBride – State Director

David Mroz – Michigan Field Director

Brandon Darin – Regional Field Director for the 1st and 4th Congressional Districts

Ryan Kool – Regional Field Director for the 2nd and 6th Congressional Districts

Reka Holley – Regional Field Director for the 3rd and 7th Congressional Districts

Stefani Zimmerman – Regional Field Director for the 5th and 8th Congressional Districts

Ryan Klementowski – Regional Field Director for Oakland County

Jon Minjoe – Regional Field director for Macomb County and 10th Congressional District

Gailute Dedinas – Regional Field Director for Wayne County and 15th Congressional District


January 17, 2007 - Posted by | Michigan Politics

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