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Latest 08′ Poll – McCain continues to lead, support for Romney fading.

From Angus Reid:  See full article here.

It looks like these last couple weeks of negative press have caused Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s numbers to drop a bit according to this latest national poll.

Polling Data

Possible match-ups – 2008 U.S. presidential election

John McCain (R) 48% – 41% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
Mitt Romney (R) 27% – 43% Barack Obama (D)

Swing State continues to notice McCain maintaining a comfortable lead in numerous polls when pitted against likely Democratic challengers Clinton and Obama.

Over the last couple of weeks, with Romney being forced to defend his conservative principles to the “right wing” of the party his viability as a candidate has started to fade.  As people like Brownback enter the race and with the strength people like McCain and Giuliani are showing in general election polling, Swing State is starting to see the upcoming primary as more of a two way race between Giuliani and McCain than we had originally thought.

This is contrary to this week’s National Review who pitted the primary as a two way battle between Romney and McCain.  (Mostly based on the strong organizations both of those candidates have managed to put together early in the 08′ talent draft.)  This is an area were Giuliani does seem to be lacking, though he has been picking up key personnel as of late.  One must only wonder if he is already too far behind to catch-up.

As for Romney, even with his talented political team in place, his numbers need to improve and his team must figure out a way to stop the bleeding from weeks of bad press.



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