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Some want a change in Michigan’s Constitution…

From Red State

Here are some of their suggestions:

1.)  “Change the state’s 1992 voter-approved term limits to apply a 12-year limit to the House, Senate and the Governor as well as the Secretary of State and the Attorney General.”

2.)  “Requiring voter-initiated constitutional amendments to be approved in back-to-back general elections.”

3.)  “Eliminating the state Natural Resources and the Agriculture commissions and allowing the governor to appoint her entire cabinet.”

4.)  “Allowing the governor to appoint members of the State Board of Education and the governing boards of the state’s three largest universities, subject to advice and consent of the State Senate and a partisan balance.”

5.)  “Allow the governor to appoint Supreme Court Justices to a single 10-year term with partisan balance on the high court. ”

6.)  “Levy an additional statewide mill to fund school district building programs that over time would reduce bonding mills at the local level.”

7.)  “Eliminate super-majority voting requirements spelled out in the constitution. Banking code amendments were one example of voting requirements. ”

8.)  “Eliminate restrictions on local taxation, particularly for transportation.”

9.)  “Eliminate the ability of non-Michiganders to gather signatures to amend Michigan’s constitution.”

10.)  “Alter language regarding local elected official recalls so that the only reason for recall would be malfeasance or misfeasance.”

11.)   “Allow the governor the option of a “pocket-veto”



December 13, 2006 - Posted by | Michigan Politics

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