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Big Bucks for an Office in Lansing

As the Detroit News reports the governors race this past election cyle in Michigan topped out at over 56 million dollars.

(When you take into account the money that outside parties invested in the race the final number is up to somewhere around 70 million)

The totals from the 2002 election between Jennifer Granhom and Dick Posthumus only reached 17.9 million.


In an article from mlive.com on the subject, Devos campaign spokesperson John Truscott explains that the reason for the lavish spending, 35 million of which came from Devos own pocket, was because he was an unknown candidate that had to fend off the “star power” of Jennifer Granholm.

I find this to be somewhat perplexing…I mean it is not as if Mr. Devos, one of the wealthiest men in Michigan, who just happens to head up one of the most well known companies in the world is that unknown.

And although Jennifer Granholm is the sitting Governor, which would obviously explain her high name recognition, I am not so sure that her “star power” was so strong that 35 million dollars worth of assualt was needed to shatter it.  What was her approval rating going into the election anyway…somewhere around 43 percent.

In my humble opinion I think that people are just plain sick and tired of the high profile, negative, and substance-less campaigns that were run by both Mr. Devos and Jennifer Granholm, and on election day they were just a little less sick of Ms. Granholm.


December 8, 2006 - Posted by | Michigan Politics

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