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Early 08′ Numbers…McCain and Giuliani lead the way, Romney falling behind.

Over the past few weeks as the 08′ Presedentail race has started to shape up it is interesting to see who is actually a viable candidate and who is not.  For instance, there have been 6 major candidate for the Republican nomination that I am aware of; Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Sam Brownback, and Bill Frist. 

(I am not even going to count Condolezza Rice into this equation because I just don’t think there is any chance of her running.)

With that in mind take a look at these numbers from the Pew Research Center for the likely Republican nomination.

McCain 29 %

Guiliani 26 %

Condi Rice 17%

Mitt Romney 4%

Newt Gingrich 4%

Bill Frist 3%

Sam Brownback 1%

The most interesting thing about these numbers is not the top of the ticket, the top two candidates (Giuliani and McCain) have been far and away leaders in almost every poll I have seen, the bottom of the ticket is what I find most interesting.

As someone who I have heard is seriously considering a potential run at the nomination (more-so that Gingrich or Rice) I was suprised to see Romney’s numbers polling so low.

While searching for more poll numbers I found this article from the Salt Lake Tribune.  The article states that:

“43 percent of Americans wouldn’t even consider voting for a Mormon for president, according to a new poll that shows an increase from previous surveys in the number of voters unwilling to support an LDS candidate for the White House.” 

While Romney’s support is clearly lacking in the national polls he remains far and away the front-runner in states like Utah.  According to this poll  44% of people in Utah identified themselves as Romney supporters while other top tier presidential candidates came in at around 15%.

What do Utahns see in Romney that others don’t???


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