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06′ Election Wrap Up…

Check out this post over at Michigan Liberal.

Some quick notes from the 06′ elections: (Sources Ed Sarpolus, MRA, Mitchell)

  • The ad that helped Governor Granholm win more women was her Abortion Ad.
  • DeVos lost most retirees after it was revealed that he believed that if you want health care, you need to get a job.
  • More Michigan voters liked President George W. Bush more than they liked Dick DeVos.
  • Between 8 and 10% of Republicans voted for Granholm based on their feelings over Iraq.
  • More people believed that Michigan’s poor economy was the fault of President Bush, not Governor Granholm’s.
  • Most people did not believe Michigan is experiencing a single-state recession.
  • More voters believed that out of the two candidates, Governor Granholm was the one who “was more honest and truly cares about you.”
  • The Single Biggest Complaint voters had about Dick DeVos was that he was unable to define himself for the voters.
  • 51% of voters knew more of Granholm’s plan (if re-elected) compared to 31% of DeVos.
  • 59% of voters believed that Governor Granholm was more charismatic, compared to 23% for DeVos.
  • 49% of voters believed that on issues of abortion, stem cell research, intelligent design, gay marriage, Granholm better reflected their personal views, as compared to 35% for DeVos.
  • 45% of voters believed that DeVos’ role as President of Amway hurt his chances of winning. – Biggest single factor that he was unable to shake.
  • Both Mitchell and Saropolus agreed that this race was most comparable to the 1966 race due to the Vietnam War in terms of negative backlash.
  • Total of 3.8 Million voters, up 600,000 from 2002.
  • DeVos actually won 100,000 more votes than Dick Posthumus did in 2002.
  • Granholm won 500,000 more votes than she did in 2002.
  • Of those who voted in the 2004 Presidential Race, Granholm took 86% of those who voted for John Kerry, and DeVos took 70% of the voters for George W. Bush.
  • Noted extremely high Democratic turn out for Granholm.
  • Granholm won two-thirds of the Independent vote.

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