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What is going on with the Michigan Republican Party???

It seems there is some sort of power struggle going on with the MRP.  It seems some people are really pissed of with the way that Saul Anuzis, the current MRP Chair, has handled his term in office.

There is also some info on the topic over at Michigan Liberal.

I first remember reading about this in an article in the Lansing State Journal about a week before the elections, however, it seems to have picked up some steam since then.  The subject has even been mentioned on Hotline.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this, however, I can tell you one thing…as someone who spent some time volunteering during this election cycle if Saul is re-elected as MRP Charmain he needs to spend some serious time reorganizing his volunteer effort.  I spent half my time either getting hung up on my Democrats or asking them to get out and vote. 

Those stupid call lists that they give you are so full of dems that I might as well have been making GOTV calls for the Democratic Party.  Those call scripts could also use some window dressing to them as well…can you say boring!!!


November 12, 2006 - Posted by | Michigan Politics

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