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My Take On It All

Michigan Politics 

Governors Race – Dems

Senate Race – Dems

Secretary of State – Repubs

Attorney General – Repubs

Control of the House – Dems

Control of the Senate – Repubs hold majority

What does all this add up to…well first off let me start by congratulating the Dems on turning out impressive numbers.  Jennifer Granholm was able to net around 600,000 more votes that she did in 02′.  (She could have won if Detroit fell off the map for the day!!!)

However, since I am going to have to suffer through hearing about the Dems both on a state and national level for the next to years, lets get back to the Repubs.  I think we blew it.

Make no mistake about it, we could have saved face in these elections, we have no one to blame but ourselves for what has happened.  We had a top of the ticket with strong candidates (damn those debates) with unlimited funds, not a bad scenario if you ask me.  We had a piss poor economy to hold the governor accountable for, a freshman senator who has done nothing, and ballot proposals tailor made to bring out the conservative vote.

Maybe it was the national scene, maybe it wasn’t…either way we better start thinking about what to do next.

Here is an idea, lets not let the media define our party in 08′ and make some efforts to do that ourselves.

This sucks.


November 9, 2006 - Posted by | Michigan Politics

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