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Blogs light up between “moderates” and “conservatives”

In what was one of the most exciting back and forth battles this blogger has yet to witness in cyber-space to Republican blog-o-sphere was captivated by a debate between those labeled as “moderate” Republicans and “conservative” Republicans.

A post from Red State erupted the battle when a so-called conservative blogger called into the question the role that moderates in the party played in this years election lose.  Specifically called upon was the Republican Main Street PartnershipThe Real Republican Majority, and Liz Mair, editor of the more moderate version of Red State, GOP Progress

Ms. Mair fired back on GOP Progress with a shot of her own back at the Red Stater’s.

To date the original Red State blog has revived over 135 comments.

All politics aside here people, Ronald Regan must be rolling in his grave at this one people.

See the post here:

Red State Post

GOP Progress Post


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A graceful exit

Sen. Bill Frist, who some considered to be a major candidate for the party’s Presidential candidate in 08′ has said that he does not plan to seek the nomination.

Frist sighted, as one of his reasons, that he was looking forward to spending time with his family and relaxing at home.

Apparently serving two terms as a Senator is all that he had planned for himself…Swing State sends its best wishes to a true servant of the people and wishes him well in his graceful exit.

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An Interesting Ballot Proposal for 08′

News bulletin (Read it here in the Free Press)

Marijuana petition drive for 2008 ballot is under way

November 27, 2006


Michigan residents could legally use marijuana on private property for recreational or medical purposes under a measure proposed for the 2008 statewide ballot.

The Board of State Canvassers on Monday approved the form of a legislative petition proposed by Medical and Recreational Peace, an Eaton Rapids-based group backing the proposal.

The measure would make it legal for those 18 and older to use marijuana on private property. Those found using the drug in public would be guilty of a civil infraction punishable by a $50 fine.

The measure also would allow people to grow marijuana at their residences.
Medical and Recreational Peace must gather about 304,000 valid petition signatures over a six-month period to get on the November 2008 ballot.

Proponents of legalizing marijuana for those age 21 and older began circulating petitions last year for the 2006 ballot but did not collect enough signatures. Similar efforts also failed in 2000 and 2002.

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Early 08′ Numbers…McCain and Giuliani lead the way, Romney falling behind.

Over the past few weeks as the 08′ Presedentail race has started to shape up it is interesting to see who is actually a viable candidate and who is not.  For instance, there have been 6 major candidate for the Republican nomination that I am aware of; Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Sam Brownback, and Bill Frist. 

(I am not even going to count Condolezza Rice into this equation because I just don’t think there is any chance of her running.)

With that in mind take a look at these numbers from the Pew Research Center for the likely Republican nomination.

McCain 29 %

Guiliani 26 %

Condi Rice 17%

Mitt Romney 4%

Newt Gingrich 4%

Bill Frist 3%

Sam Brownback 1%

The most interesting thing about these numbers is not the top of the ticket, the top two candidates (Giuliani and McCain) have been far and away leaders in almost every poll I have seen, the bottom of the ticket is what I find most interesting.

As someone who I have heard is seriously considering a potential run at the nomination (more-so that Gingrich or Rice) I was suprised to see Romney’s numbers polling so low.

While searching for more poll numbers I found this article from the Salt Lake Tribune.  The article states that:

“43 percent of Americans wouldn’t even consider voting for a Mormon for president, according to a new poll that shows an increase from previous surveys in the number of voters unwilling to support an LDS candidate for the White House.” 

While Romney’s support is clearly lacking in the national polls he remains far and away the front-runner in states like Utah.  According to this poll  44% of people in Utah identified themselves as Romney supporters while other top tier presidential candidates came in at around 15%.

What do Utahns see in Romney that others don’t???

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06′ Election Wrap Up…

Check out this post over at Michigan Liberal.

Some quick notes from the 06′ elections: (Sources Ed Sarpolus, MRA, Mitchell)

  • The ad that helped Governor Granholm win more women was her Abortion Ad.
  • DeVos lost most retirees after it was revealed that he believed that if you want health care, you need to get a job.
  • More Michigan voters liked President George W. Bush more than they liked Dick DeVos.
  • Between 8 and 10% of Republicans voted for Granholm based on their feelings over Iraq.
  • More people believed that Michigan’s poor economy was the fault of President Bush, not Governor Granholm’s.
  • Most people did not believe Michigan is experiencing a single-state recession.
  • More voters believed that out of the two candidates, Governor Granholm was the one who “was more honest and truly cares about you.”
  • The Single Biggest Complaint voters had about Dick DeVos was that he was unable to define himself for the voters.
  • 51% of voters knew more of Granholm’s plan (if re-elected) compared to 31% of DeVos.
  • 59% of voters believed that Governor Granholm was more charismatic, compared to 23% for DeVos.
  • 49% of voters believed that on issues of abortion, stem cell research, intelligent design, gay marriage, Granholm better reflected their personal views, as compared to 35% for DeVos.
  • 45% of voters believed that DeVos’ role as President of Amway hurt his chances of winning. – Biggest single factor that he was unable to shake.
  • Both Mitchell and Saropolus agreed that this race was most comparable to the 1966 race due to the Vietnam War in terms of negative backlash.
  • Total of 3.8 Million voters, up 600,000 from 2002.
  • DeVos actually won 100,000 more votes than Dick Posthumus did in 2002.
  • Granholm won 500,000 more votes than she did in 2002.
  • Of those who voted in the 2004 Presidential Race, Granholm took 86% of those who voted for John Kerry, and DeVos took 70% of the voters for George W. Bush.
  • Noted extremely high Democratic turn out for Granholm.
  • Granholm won two-thirds of the Independent vote.

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Michigan’s Republican Party ends internal battle…08′ positioning also thrown in the mix

From the folks over at Michigan Cooler:

“The very loud and raucous race for state party chairman ended surprisingly quietly this weekend with Attorney General Mike Cox endorsing Saul Anuzis, Dave Dishaw dropping from the race, and Anuzis issuing a letter that asked legislative leaders to quickly pass a law setting up an Open Primary.”

Apparently the McCain people in Michigan saw Saul’s previous support for a Closed Primary or Caucus System as a threat to McCain’s appeal to independent voters. 

Here is an article from Hotline on the matter; they are calling it a Win/Win for both sides. 

No matter how you look at it, one thing is surely clear, the race for 08′ is already in full force.

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New Michigan Leadership

Senate Majority Leader:

Mike Bishop (R-Rochester)

Senate Minority Leader:

Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek)


Speaker of the Michigan House:

Andy Dillon (D-Redford Twp.)

House Republican Leader:

Craig DeRoche (R-Novi)

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And Then There Were Two…

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has jumped into the 08′ race by announcing the forming of his exploratory committee….

See Article Here 

Polling shows that i is a strong candidate and someone that has always fared very well in the hearts and minds of the American people.  It is good to see the Republicans putting up strong candidates for 08’…it shows that they are serious about hanging on to the White House.

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What is going on with the Michigan Republican Party???

It seems there is some sort of power struggle going on with the MRP.  It seems some people are really pissed of with the way that Saul Anuzis, the current MRP Chair, has handled his term in office.

There is also some info on the topic over at Michigan Liberal.

I first remember reading about this in an article in the Lansing State Journal about a week before the elections, however, it seems to have picked up some steam since then.  The subject has even been mentioned on Hotline.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this, however, I can tell you one thing…as someone who spent some time volunteering during this election cycle if Saul is re-elected as MRP Charmain he needs to spend some serious time reorganizing his volunteer effort.  I spent half my time either getting hung up on my Democrats or asking them to get out and vote. 

Those stupid call lists that they give you are so full of dems that I might as well have been making GOTV calls for the Democratic Party.  Those call scripts could also use some window dressing to them as well…can you say boring!!!

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Go Johny Go, Go Johny Go Go Go!!!

Sen. McCain has announced an exploratory committee for a potentail 08′ Presedentail bid…let the games begin. 

Thank God for his timing by the way, with midterms over these past few days have been very boring for me without any campaign news to occupy my Internet time.

Maybe when Hillary Clinton decides to announce an exploratory committee of her own they can shoot “attack” commercials back and forth at one another so I do not have to wait another year and a half for those to start up again.

In all honesty, however, I could not be more excited that McCain has decided to through his hat back in the ring for another go at the White House.  Personally, I think he is one of the few Republican’s with the ability to get through a primary and also win a general.  It will be interesting to see who else has an interest in the Oval Office.

Or who knows, maybe Speaker Pelosi and company will go so power crazy over the next year that 95% of the country will vote to re-write the constitution and allow President Bush to hang around for another 4 years…

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Colbert’s “word” from last night….sigh

“One cannot have everything the way he would like it. A man has no business to be depressed by a disappointment, anyway; he ought to make up his mind to get even.”

-Mark Twain

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Romney Statement on the 06’Elections

See post here

“Americans spoke last night and Republicans are listening. Americans have not become less conservative, but they believe some Republicans have. As a party, we need to remember who we are and the principles that have always led our party and our country to success.We must return to the common sense Reagan Republican ideals of fighting for hard working Americans, lowering taxes, shrinking government, curbing out-of-control spending, promoting the traditional values of faith, family and freedom, and providing a strong national security with all the necessary tools to protect the American people and win the War on Terror.

This country wants resolute leadership to tackle tough issues and a positive vision for a better future here at home and around the world. They want leadership that trusts the American people, keeps America strong and moves our country forward.

Americans across the country over the past year didn’t say they want higher taxes. They didn’t say they want more run-away wasteful spending or a Congress that continues irresponsible pork projects. Nobody ever said that this nation needs a bigger deficit.

Americans didn’t say they wanted more activist judges who legislate from the bench and they don’t want less secure borders.

No one said they want more rights for terrorists, nor did they ask that we stop terrorist surveillance … and nobody suggested that we should make life even harder for our brave men and women fighting terror around the world.

We didn’t hear a mandate for a more liberal direction because the Democrats didn’t present one. Americans don’t share those liberal ideas.

What voters told us is that America is stuck and Washington is broken. Voters told us to move forward by embracing our conservative convictions that Americans agree with and value – and we will.”

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McCain Gains Political Capitol from elections

 Washington Post Article

Sen. John McCain emerged from yesterday’s elections as one of Republicans’ only winners as Democrats made solid gains and both parties turn an eye toward 2008.
    The Arizona Republican, who wasn’t up for re-election, rallied to the side of Republican candidates at 131 events — a strong showing that displayed his rising popularity. His strength was underscored Monday when Charlie Crist, Florida’s new Republican governor, chose to skip a scheduled rally with President Bush for an event with Mr. McCain.
    “There’s going to be a batch of people who are going to personally owe McCain and there’s going to be another batch of people who are going to have to rethink their view of him,” said Michael McKenna, a Republican strategist and pollster.
    “He was a pretty solid party stalwart this go around, in a cycle when it was not easy to be a party stalwart.”
    As both parties took stock of wins and losses last night, the soul-searching began for Republicans, while Democrats will now focus on capitalizing on their gains.
    Foremost among those Democrats are rising star Sen. Barack Obama, the charismatic Illinois Democrat who recently said he no longer rules out running for president in 2008, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the New York Democrat who checked off an important box on her presidential to-do list by getting re-elected, amassing a substantial campaign fund and a solid springboard victory in the process.
    But the prospects for both parties in Congress are more bleak with a lame-duck president and leaders of both parties staking out positions for the election in two years.
    Neither party ran on a forward-looking agenda, with Republicans asking voters to stay the course on Iraq and the economy while Democrats proposed rolling back some of the Bush tax cuts and said they represented a vote of no confidence in the way the administration has prosecuted the war.
    Without a mandate for either party, there is little to push Capitol Hill off the gridlock that has stalled further tax cuts, Social Security reform and other major initiatives.
    And Democrats have their work cut out for them in 2008 defending House seats they won last night on solidly Republican ground. Four of those seats were the result of disgraced Republicans: Rep. Don Sherwood in Pennsylvania and former Reps. Mark Foley in Florida, Bob Ney in Ohio and Tom DeLay in Texas.
    Still, Democrats’ wins in the House, giving them control for the first time since 1995, will alter the agenda on several thorny issues, including key gun legislation such as the assault weapons ban, which lapsed under Republican control but could come back under Democratic control.
    Democrats have also promised to revisit and expand Mr. Bush’s Medicare prescription drug program

Continue Reading

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My Take On It All

Michigan Politics 

Governors Race – Dems

Senate Race – Dems

Secretary of State – Repubs

Attorney General – Repubs

Control of the House – Dems

Control of the Senate – Repubs hold majority

What does all this add up to…well first off let me start by congratulating the Dems on turning out impressive numbers.  Jennifer Granholm was able to net around 600,000 more votes that she did in 02′.  (She could have won if Detroit fell off the map for the day!!!)

However, since I am going to have to suffer through hearing about the Dems both on a state and national level for the next to years, lets get back to the Repubs.  I think we blew it.

Make no mistake about it, we could have saved face in these elections, we have no one to blame but ourselves for what has happened.  We had a top of the ticket with strong candidates (damn those debates) with unlimited funds, not a bad scenario if you ask me.  We had a piss poor economy to hold the governor accountable for, a freshman senator who has done nothing, and ballot proposals tailor made to bring out the conservative vote.

Maybe it was the national scene, maybe it wasn’t…either way we better start thinking about what to do next.

Here is an idea, lets not let the media define our party in 08′ and make some efforts to do that ourselves.

This sucks.

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Wow…elections are over and it’s back to the blogs for me

Well folks I have just awoken from whirlwind of the 06′ midterm elections…campaigning, lawn signs, political TV adds, ugly politics, and auto calls are all behind me…at least for a little while.

Sorry to have not kept you up-to-date during the elections, but I am sure you got your news somewhere else.

Here are a couple news stories just in case  you have been living in a bubble these past few days….

 Granholm Coasts to Secon Term

Devos Failed to Tell Voters What He Would Do As Governor

Stabenow Wins Big

Cox Wins

Terri Lynn Land Wins

Proposal 2 Bans Affirmative Action

Cox Wins

Link To All Election Results

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