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Poll shows numbers even between Devos and Granholm

In a pole from Voter Roll Call Gubernatorial Candidate Dick Devos seems to have closed the gap between himself and the Governor.

This bodes very well for Mr. Devos’ chances as the Republicans gear up for their state wide “Get out the Vote” efforts.

The poll shows the numbers as follows:

47% DeVos (R)
47% Granholm (D)
3% Campbell (G)
1% Creswell (L)
0% Dashairya (UST)
2% Undecided


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McCain Would Defeat Clinton, Obama in 2008

In a new pole from Opinion Dynamics Senator John McCain seems to be holding a lead in the early estimates of how theĀ  08′ elections would play out.

According to the pole, when stacked up against likely Democratic candidates Senator’s Clinton and Obama the numbers are as follows:

John McCain (R) 45% – 39% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
John McCain (R) 41% – 38% Barack Obama (D)

Read the whole article here.

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Hot water starts to boil over for Romney

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