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Now I know why I love going home to good ole’ Oakland County so much…

Check out this story from the people over at Michigan Cooler

After reading this story I have decided to print off my favorite part so that I can carry it around with me in my wallet.  This way when I get stuck reading something on redstate.com or hear someone make the claim that Senator John McCain “is not appealing to consevatives” I can pull out my little card with the following quote from GLENN CLARK and remember that some people really just have no idea what is going on.

Thank you, Mr. Clark, Thank You.

“Senator McCain continues to dominate unscientific straw polls among the Oakland County based 9th District GOP committee and Tancredo and Brownback also scored well,” said 9th District GOP Chairman Glenn Clark. “The 9th District GOP is a conservative group and it seems that other potential candidates are not gaining much traction here amongst grassroots activists who man our phone banks, walk the precincts, distribute church voters guides and put up campaign signs.”


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Some News from the News 10/17/06

State appeals court sides with Alticor


NAACP to monitor Mich. polls


Attorney general: Mike Cox


Experts say third debate was DeVos’ best


Clearing the air on debaters’ claims


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