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What Was Hillary Clinton’s Team Thinking???

In a story that I picked up from Drudge Report it seems that some low blows have already begun to be thrown around almost two full years before “Showdown 08′.” (Which is something that I will be spending a good deal of time on here at “Swing State.”)

It seems that Maureen Dowd was able to attribute some comments attacking Sen. McCain’s record while he was a POW in Vietnam, to one of Senator Hillary Clinton’s advisers.

Believe me, I was just as shocked as you.  Why anyone from the Clinton camp would choose to go on record and criticize a man for his first hand knowledge and experience of what it means to protect, serve, and fight for this country is beyond me.

In all fairness, Senator Clinton was quick to apologize and to disassociate herself from the comments.  However, this came after the damage was already done. 

Depending on how things shape up for the 08′ elections Ms. Clinton might want to think about getting a handle on her staff or she will be spending her whole campaign playing damage control while Senator McCain sails on calm waters all the way to the White House.

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