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Now we know why Debbie Stabenow keeps ducking Mike Bouchard’s requests to Debate!!

After watching the way Mike Bouchard handled himself in his first opportunity to square off with his opponent, Senator Debbie Stabenow it is clear why she has wanted to have no part of Mr. Bouchard’s repeated request for debates. 

Mr. Bouchard came out firing from the opening round of questions and did not let up until the final bell had sounded. 

What encouraged me most about this debate was not Mr. Bouchard’s tremendous knowledge of ALL Ms. Stabenow’s shortcomings during her time served in the U.S. Senate, which is to be expected from a political candidate.  However, Sheriff Bouchard provided great substance to his criticism of the Senator and highlighted and defined his plan for action against Senator Stabenow’s complete lack of one.

The most effective part of the debate, in my opinion, was the way that Mr. Bouchard outlined the Senator’s utter lack of existence in the Senate since she has taken office.   The voters of this state needed to be made aware of the Senator’s outrageous voting record on tax increases, her low standing in terms of impact in the U.S. Senate, and her complete lack of effort to push through legislation.

On another note, Mr. Bouchard might have also challenged Rodney Dangerfield’s record for one-liners in a 60 minute period.  (I leave this to you to confirm for yourselves)  Check out this link to find out how to see a taped version of this debate in case you missed it.


“There is a new Sheriff in town!!”


October 16, 2006 - Posted by | Michigan Politics, Uncategorized

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