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McCain shoots back at John Kerry’s insult to our best and brightest..

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Today, Senator John McCain slams back at Senator John Kerry for his unprovoked insult to the brave men and women fighting inIraq.

Senator McCain states, “Senator Kerry owes an apology to the many thousands of Americans serving in
Iraq, who answered their country’s call because they are patriots and not because of any deficiencies in their education.”

It is nice to see someone with the guts to defend our military from the personal and politically motivated attacks of people like John Kerry.


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Kerry Insults Troops

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Poll shows numbers even between Devos and Granholm

In a pole from Voter Roll Call Gubernatorial Candidate Dick Devos seems to have closed the gap between himself and the Governor.

This bodes very well for Mr. Devos’ chances as the Republicans gear up for their state wide “Get out the Vote” efforts.

The poll shows the numbers as follows:

47% DeVos (R)
47% Granholm (D)
3% Campbell (G)
1% Creswell (L)
0% Dashairya (UST)
2% Undecided

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McCain Would Defeat Clinton, Obama in 2008

In a new pole from Opinion Dynamics Senator John McCain seems to be holding a lead in the early estimates of how the  08′ elections would play out.

According to the pole, when stacked up against likely Democratic candidates Senator’s Clinton and Obama the numbers are as follows:

John McCain (R) 45% – 39% Hillary Rodham Clinton (D)
John McCain (R) 41% – 38% Barack Obama (D)

Read the whole article here.

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Hot water starts to boil over for Romney

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“Great Lakes…Great Times”

Well folks 14 days to go!!!  Here is a brief overview of how things are looking from the mighty mitten.

As expected that Grand Old Base has started to come around.  Dick Devos and Mike Bouchard have each pulled within striking distance of their Democratic opponents.

Check out the some other interesting polling data here (Strategic Vision)

19. If the election for Governor were held today, whom would you vote for Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat or Dick DeVos, the Republican?
Jennifer Granholm 47%
Dick DeVos 43%
Undecided 10%

20. If the election for United States Senate were held today, whom would you vote for Debbie Stabenow, the Democrat or Mike Bouchard, the Republican?
Debbie Stabenow 48%
Mike Bouchard 42%
Undecided 10%

Mike Cox and Terri Lynn Land are on their way toward victory,  and I can not wait until I can watch an episode of Seinfeld without having to see a political add.

Oh ya, and I finally decided what I am going to be for Halloween…Teen Wolf!!


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Hey Debbie Stabenow, Where Do The Tigers Play??

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News from the News 10/25/06

Brater, Richardville deserve Senate seats Both have experience and specific plans


Attorney general: Re-elect Cox


Second term for Land


GOP signs defaced in Troy neighborhood


Billionaire aims to unseat GOP


Area Marine dies in Iraq


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Check out Mike Bouchard on MySpace


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Perhaps there was more to that Romney thing than I first thought…

3 New articles for information on the developing story of Mitt Romney’s plan for cooperation with the Mormon Church.

Consultant’s e-mails show Mormon plan for Romney

‘How the efforts to help Governor Romney could move forward’

Mormon political aid may be illegal

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News from the News 10/23/06

Bush set to headline Bouchard fundraiser


Detroit Tigers at top, so why not Detroit?


Negative political campaigns nearly as old as U.S., professor says


Women voters key to race for governor


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I wonder if Mr. Devos is getting a piece of that pie…

Survey USA shows slide in Gov. Granholm’s approval rating


Gov. Granholm Approval Rating:

August 14 September 18 October 16
43% 42% 39%

Gov. Granholm Disapproval Rating:

August 14 September 18 October 16
53% 56% 58%



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Field of Dreams…McCain squares of with Chris Matthews for some “Hardball” at Iowa State

“After Thanksgiving,” said Senator John McCain after being asked by Chris Matthews when the public could expect a decision for a White House bid. 

See what else was said out in corn country here.

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Seperation of Church and Romney

Today, the Church of Latter Day Saints shot back at the Boston Globe for their articleaccusing the Church of consulting with Romney’s camp on issues related to his campaign.

The article accuses Romney of using his membership with “the Mormon Church to map out plans for a nationwide network of Mormon supporters to help [him] capture the presidency in 2008.”

In response to these accusations the Church of Latter Day Saints responded by saying that the “church sent a letter to its stakes and wards last week reminding them of their obligation to be politically neutral.”

The letter outlined these points:

1) “The Church has no connection or involvement whatever with the campaign or activities of any politician or candidate.”

2) The meeting “was a routine response of a Church leader to a request for a courtesy visit, and not a meeting to decide fund-raising tactics for a candidate.”

3) “The Church goes to considerable lengths to emphasize to its members the institutional neutrality of the Church on partisan matters, including sending out a letter to be read from every pulpit before elections. “

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News from the News 10/19/06

Land’s job performance justifies re-election bid


Michigan’s September unemployment rate 7.1%


Cox deserves nod for attorney general


Study criticizes U-M admissions


High-mileage vehicles fueling Michigan’s woes


Senate candidates debate strategies for business


McCain jokes about suicide if Democrats win Senate


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Now I know why I love going home to good ole’ Oakland County so much…

Check out this story from the people over at Michigan Cooler

After reading this story I have decided to print off my favorite part so that I can carry it around with me in my wallet.  This way when I get stuck reading something on redstate.com or hear someone make the claim that Senator John McCain “is not appealing to consevatives” I can pull out my little card with the following quote from GLENN CLARK and remember that some people really just have no idea what is going on.

Thank you, Mr. Clark, Thank You.

“Senator McCain continues to dominate unscientific straw polls among the Oakland County based 9th District GOP committee and Tancredo and Brownback also scored well,” said 9th District GOP Chairman Glenn Clark. “The 9th District GOP is a conservative group and it seems that other potential candidates are not gaining much traction here amongst grassroots activists who man our phone banks, walk the precincts, distribute church voters guides and put up campaign signs.”

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Some News from the News 10/17/06

State appeals court sides with Alticor


NAACP to monitor Mich. polls


Attorney general: Mike Cox


Experts say third debate was DeVos’ best


Clearing the air on debaters’ claims


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What Was Hillary Clinton’s Team Thinking???

In a story that I picked up from Drudge Report it seems that some low blows have already begun to be thrown around almost two full years before “Showdown 08′.” (Which is something that I will be spending a good deal of time on here at “Swing State.”)

It seems that Maureen Dowd was able to attribute some comments attacking Sen. McCain’s record while he was a POW in Vietnam, to one of Senator Hillary Clinton’s advisers.

Believe me, I was just as shocked as you.  Why anyone from the Clinton camp would choose to go on record and criticize a man for his first hand knowledge and experience of what it means to protect, serve, and fight for this country is beyond me.

In all fairness, Senator Clinton was quick to apologize and to disassociate herself from the comments.  However, this came after the damage was already done. 

Depending on how things shape up for the 08′ elections Ms. Clinton might want to think about getting a handle on her staff or she will be spending her whole campaign playing damage control while Senator McCain sails on calm waters all the way to the White House.

Click Here To Get The Whole Story

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